Hemorrhoids and anal fissures

Proktos.info is a healthcare information portal dedicated to the most common anorectal diseases – hemorrhoids (also known as piles) and anal fissures. Hemorrhoids have caused pain and irritation throughout human history. The word actually comes from Greek “αἱμορροΐς” (haimorrhois), meaning veins “that are liable to discharge blood”. The exact cause of the hemorrhoidal disease remains unknown and number of factors are believed to be involved. Due to the intimate nature of hemorrhoids, not much has changed through the years. Home treatment for hemorrhoids remains popular and people are applying all kinds of hemorrhoids creams to no avail.

The anal fissure (also called fissure-in-ano) is a small linear or oval ulcer (tear) in the anal canal. The anal fissure can cause severe long-lasting pain after bowel movements. Most people will instinctively attribute any pain-related symptoms in the anal are to hemorrhoids. However, with anal fissure it is of uttermost importance to act on time, since anal fissure treatment is most effective, while the ulcer is still fresh.

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